Solar Street Light

  • Major Roadways
  • Residential Streets
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Parking Lots
  • Docks and Piers
  • Remote and Rural Locations
  • High crime areas
Low-cost installation. No trenching, no heavy cable, quick and easy installation anywhere.
Ultra-low maintenance and long product life. 25 years warranty on solar panels and LED/Induction lighting fixture is rated for 60,000 hours of maintenance free operation, Sealed deep cycle maintenance free battery.
Green Light Source. 40-70% less power consumption than other light sources. Our LED/Induction lights emit no light pollution, provides bright white light which improves color recognition and improves night visibility from 400%-1000% over other light sources.
Flexible configuration. Our solar lights can be easily configured to suite your requirements with solar module, wind module and battery banks.
Advanced control unit. Our Solar light controller provides easy configuration, automatic operations and advanced work modes.
3-5 days backup power for rainy, windless and cloudy days.
Grid-independent and No Bill to pay. Our Street light still operates even when the power grid is down, and even better, there will never be an electricity bill to pay.
 Download Street Light Specification sheet

Photovoltaic (PV) Module monocrystalline/polycrystalline
Energy Storage Sealed, Maintenance Free lead acid battery
Light Source Solid State LED Cobra Head Fixture or Electrodeless Induction Cobra Head Fixture
Controller 5/10/15A Automatic light controller, automatic operation, multi work mode, over charge protection
Light Pole 15-30 Foot Light Pole
Battery Box Water tight lockable battery box

 GlobalGreen Solar Street Light vs. Traditional Street Light
Traditional Street Light Solar Street Light
Installation Cost Average installation cost range from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on the distance to power source. No trenching, no cabling. One hole, one pole, and your light is installed. Lower installation cost makes the solar street light's initial investment the same or lower than traditional lights.
Equipment Cost Average $1,000 less initial investment Higher initial investment due to solar panel, wind turbine, energy efficient lighting fixture and energy storage
Running Cost Average electricity costs $80 t o $100 per street light annually Free natural power
Maintenance Higher maintenance cost. Re-lamping 3,000 to 5,000 hours Virtually maintenance Free, Light fixture rated 60,000 hours
Environmental Average street light consumes 550KWH of fossil fuel energy per annual, which translates to 235 kilogram of CO2 emission light glare, trespass and pollution 100% green renewable energy from sun and wind. Reduced glare, light trespass, and sky glow. No light pollution
Security Low color rending and recognition Full spectrum light allows for better color recognition
Portability Portable light tower relies on generator noisy, requires attention Solar counterpart is quiet and maintenance free
Solar Powered Lights
Did you know
There are always incentive programs to help you pay for your solar lighting projects... more

What's the Advantages of solar Lighting
  • quick, easy, low cost installation
  • energy independence
  • no more electricity bills
  • long product life
  • green light source
  • co2 reduction

What's the Applications of solar Lighting
  • street & area lighting
  • pedestrian walkways lighting
  • billboard and signs lighting
  • architectural, landscape lighting
  • emergency, construction site lighting

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